Woodside Bible Church

Woodside Bible Church


419 Michigan St

Algonac, MI

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Woodside Bible Church

The symbolic meanings of the shapes and colors of the Woodside quilt block reveal their  story and God’s amazing Truth. The central circle represents the everlasting purity and brilliance of  the triune God.  Like Him, the circle has no beginning and no end.  It is clean and radiantly bright like the sun.  The several interwoven crosses are emblematic of the collaborative partnership with the local churches and organizations of Algonac, as well as the multi-campus church structure. Each cross also represents the personal cross experiences that emulate the passion of Jesus Christ.  The dark cross is the suffering that comes before death, which leads to new life, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The green cross illustrates new life – like spring flowers and Easter.  The central teal star looks back to that star that announced the coming Messiah, and also looks forward to the return of Jesus.  The purple hues declare the royalty of Christ the King and are an inspiration  to live by grace and faith, and to rule with Christ in this life.  

Woodside Bible Church started in Troy, Michigan, in 1955. The church expanded to multiple locations in 2005. The Algonac campus of Woodside Bible Church began in 2016, as a group of people began meeting for a bible study in the pavilion at Clay Township Park.  After five years of meeting in various places,  Woodside Church established a permanent home in the renovated facility that formerly housed the IGA grocery store.  

The mission of Woodside Bible Church is to help people belong to Christ, grow in Christ, and reach the world for Christ. Woodside is located in 14 communities across South East Michigan and believes that “people everywhere desperately need Jesus.”  For more information go to


Hanging the block

Steady hands are needed to hold the block and the ladder to attach the block on that left corner.

Team work

Everyone is working to get it nice and straight on that wall.

All set

The view of the block from the parking lot includes the QR code below.