Theresa & Kevin Rosso Residence

Theresa and Kevin Rosso Residence

The Sawtooth Star Block with the Lemoyne Star Center, in red, white, and blue, is on a home built in 2021 by the Rosso Family. The family has a long history of military service, with grandfather, father, and son serving. Kevin Rosso is now retired after 30 years of military service. Both Kevin and his wife, Theresa have rich military family histories going back generations.  Being a proud military family, they chose to honor the past and continuing legacy with this FAMILY HONOR block.  


Theresa & Kevin Rosso Residence


7303 McKinley, Cottrellville, MI 48039

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Hanging the block

Grandpa and grandson hanging the block together. Grandson was so excited because it was the first time to use the drill.

From the drive way

This Sawtooth star block with Lemoyne star center from the driveway. This wooden design wall was built specifically for the quilt block display.

Not easy

It isn’t easy to hang the quilt blocks. It’s always better if you have a helper.