Kristy's Craft Room

Kristy’s Craft Room

1105 St Clair River Dr

Algonac, MI

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Kristy’s Craft Room

The nine patch block was chosen by Kristy’s Craft Room because Kristy loves buffalo check. Traditionally, the buffalo check is either red and white or black and white. Kristy chose the black and white combination and designed and painted her own block.

Kristy started a crafting page on Facebook in 2019 to inspire others on their crafting journey.   She does    multiple live crafting tutorials weekly on Facebook.  Many of their craft tutorials are from items purchased at Dollar Tree or other easily accessible stores. They also show how to paint and assemble wood and metal cutouts that Kristy’s Craft rooms makes and sells. 

In 2021, Kristy was able to bring on her husband, Tim, to run their laser cutting operation. They offer a  monthly craft kit membership, where kits are sent to almost every state in the United States and many provinces in Canada.

For more information about Kristy’s Craft Room visit:

Website link 

Facebook link

Kristy and Tim

Kristy and Tim in front of their block at their store location in Algonac.

Hanging the block

Kristy is supervising as Tim hangs the block.

Kristy Bottle

Kristy is a wife and mother of four amazing kids. Her parents were very hard workers and gave her a hard-working entrepreneurial mindset. She has the mindset of, “If you can make it, why buy it?”