Harsens Island Ferry

Clay Township, MI

Harsens Island Ferry

3647 Pte. Tremble Road
Algonac, MI

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Harsens Island Ferry

 Arthur Champion began ferrying passengers in 1923 with service to both Harsens and Dickinson Islands. He operated three Chris Craft boats from his home on Dickinson Island and his pickup point was across the North Channel at Pointe Tremble. This service continued until 1937 when he purchased his first auto ferry business from R. C. Witmiller and named the business Champion’s Auto Ferry. 

Due to the freezing of the river in the winter,  ferry service was available during warm weather. Ferries were dry docked in the winter. While continuing summertime ferry service until 1941, Mr. Champion constructed his first steel ferry. Due to the innovativeness of Mr. Champion, a new era of ferry transportation is available, ferry transportation to and from Harsens Island year-round.

The ferry service is still operated by members of Mr. Champion’s family. 

For more information, visit Clay Township’s website:


View from the street

The block is positioned on the fence in the staging area waiting to travel to Harsens island.

Ferry Boat

Because of the makeup of the area, along the river ferry boats were a necessary means of transportation. They were very primitive at the beginning and brought us to the steel, high powered vessels of today. In the late 1920s, there were several ads in an issue of the St. Clair Flats Association bulletin for at least 5 ferry services

Waiting for the ferry

As you wait to travel to Harsens Island you will see the quilt block on the fence.