Clay Township Park

Clay Township Park

4768 Pointe Tremble Rd.

Clay, MI

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Clay Township Park

The park began as a property purchase a few years ago and is now beginning to take shape as a beautiful park with something for everyone. It is located on Pte Tremble Rd. right next to the Clay Township offices and Police Department.

The block depicts the “Shoo-fly” quilt pattern. The musical notes in the block represent the music in the park concerts held at the park on Thursday evenings during the summer months. The middle blocks are for the splash pad at the park. The light blue color was chosen for summer skies. Pastel colors depict a light, cheerful atmosphere enjoyed by residents at the park.

The park sees a flurry of activity from the children on the playground and the water splash pad, impromptu volleyball games, pickle ball tournaments and citizens enjoying the walking paths. The Splash Pad that opened in July 2010 has been very popular. The park also features a walking trail and a basketball court that is flooded in the winter to become an ice rink. It is lighted to facilitate evening accessibility. The pickle ball courts are a new addition and are often busy with players. A concession building and restroom facilities are also available. Stop by and see this wonderful park.

Clay Township embraces an expanse of more than eighty square miles. Even township officials cannot quote an exact figure because of so many islands, especially in the flats area which includes that section of Clay Township lying south of the North Channel. According to FEMA, Clay Township has nearly 140 miles of lake and river frontage. 

The Clay Township area, Harsens Island, St. Clair Flats, Algonac is considered one of the largest freshwater deltas in the world. This delta also extends into Canada to the southeast. It is a unique area in that it is comprised of several major waterways. The St. Clair River, the North, South, Middle and Sni Bora Channels. There are numerous smaller channels, cuts, bays and water highways called the Big and Little Muscamoot, Goose, Baltimore, Fisher, Maybury, etc., and natural and dredged canals and ditches. Some waterways are navigable, and some are not. The largest islands in the American portion of this delta are Harsens Island and Dickinson Island (formerly known as Laughton, then Stromness). There are several strings of small islands that extend from the large islands. This area is known as the St. Clair Flats. For years the delta has been called the Venice of America.

For more information, visit Clay Township’s website:

Play area

The play area is used all year round.  

Splash Pad

Our “Splash Pad” that opened July 2010 has been VERY popular with children of all ages.

Music in the park

Music in the park is very popular. It’s not just the music, but community fun. Guests arrive on foot, in their cars and in their golf carts. Pets are frequently included.