Community Museum

Algonac/Clay Historical Society

Community Museum


Algonac-Clay Historical Society

1240 St. Clair River Drive

Algonac, MI

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Community Museum

The Algonac-Clay Township Historical Society (ACHS) Community Museum chose the Ribbon Star Block to represent their Community Museum. The ribbons in this block depict the community of families and friendships coming together to weave a path between yesterday and tomorrow. The colors of aqua, blue, and green reflect the rich colors of the St. Clair River, which flows through the community.

The ACHS Community Museum is a Greek revival home which was built by Charles H. Beers around 1849.  It served as doctors’ offices and homes until 1948. In 1949 the Clay Township Library moved into the main part of the building, with rooms used by Clay Township, and the St Clair County Health Department. The library remained in the renovated building when Clay Township and the health department moved to other buildings. The library moved to a new location in 1997.

 Clay Township leased the building to the Algonac/Clay Historical Society.  After another renovation by historical society members, the Algonac-Clay Historical Society opened the Community Museum on May 26, 1997. 

 The building houses a wide variety of artifacts and historical items from the Algonac/Clay area.  It offers a wide array of reference materials documenting the history of the area, including businesses, houses, churches, weddings, and everything that has gone on in this community.  

 For more information about the Algonac-Clay Historical Society, its museums, welcome center and gift shop, visit

Quilt Block

Heading south on M-29 the block is on the north side of the building along the waterfront.

Posing with the block

Members of the Algonac-Clay Historical Society take a picture with the block just before its mounted on the building.

Hanging the block

There were plenty of observers to watch the hanging of this block – workers, historical society members and quilt trail members.