Maritime Museum

Algonac/Clay Historical Society

Maritime Museum


Algonac-Clay Historical Society

1117 St. Clair River Drive

Algonac, MI

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Maritime Museum

The Algonac-Clay Township Historical Society (ACHS) chose the Mariner’s Compass block for their Maritime Museum. The anchor in the center is a tribute to the area being known as the home of all water craft. The colors chosen for this block are blues, for the surrounding waterways, and yellow, for the rising sun glimmering on the water.

The Algonac-Clay Township Historical Society opened the museum in July of 2013 to display its extensive collection of maritime and nautical artifacts associated with this area’s rich boating, boat manufacturing, and maritime related history. 

 Algonac is the original home of the Chris Craft Corporation, known world-wide as a builder of mahogany powerboats, patrol boats for the Army and Navy, pleasure boats, cabin cruisers, and WWII landing craft. As well as Chris Craft boats and memorabilia, the Maritime Museum features displays of Great Lake freighters, Tall Ships, Gar Wood boats, fishing, diving, and duck hunting items.

The Maritime Museum serves as a Welcome Center for the City of Algonac.

 Further information regarding the Algonac-Clay Township Historical Society, its museums, their Welcome Center, and gift shop, visit


Hanging the block

Members of the historical society and the City of Algonac DPW workers want to get it just right when hanging the Mariner’s Compass block.

Holding the block

Many hands make light work. Holding it steady so they can make sure it’s level.

Up & ready

Many members came out to hang the block. It was a proud moment to see the job completed.