Algonac Church of Christ

Algonac, MI


Church of Christ

1601 St. Clair River Drive

Algonac, MI


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Algonac Church of Christ

The Algonac Church of Christ chose this quilt block because it represents our Hope in the SON, and the rejoicing of the dawning of a new day.

 The Algonac Church of Christ traces its history back to the year 1872, when an itinerant preacher of the Restoration Movement that believed “where the Bible speaks we speak and where the Bible is silent we are silent” organized a congregation on the Northwest corner of Smith and Market St. 

In 1914 the Church building moved to Washington and Summer, and then in 1949 the congregation split and the Church of Christ relocated at its present site on the corner of St. Clair River Drive and Green St. From 1950 to the present, the Algonac Church of Christ has been led by 12 ministers. In 2017, John Highstreet, a native son of Algonac and former history teacher and coach became the present minister. John and his wife Brenda serve the congregation and the community with the motto, “Taking Christ to the community and bringing the community to Christ”.

The Algonac Church of Christ has close ties with Great Lakes Bible College, since Ralph Woodard, a former minister, is one of the founders and the college’s first president. In 1974 the church helped create and still supports a Christian Camp in Columbiaville, Michigan – Wolverine Service Camp. 

Algonac Church of Christ  quilt block

Heading north on M-29 you will see this block on the south side of the building.

Original church

This is a picture of the first building of the Algonac Church of Christ.

Current pastor

John Highstreet is the current pastor of the Algonac Church of Christ.  John is a native son of Algonac and former history teacher and coach.